Although this is not the mainfactor for you to identify a dependable shared website hosting provider from a bad one or a reseller from an actual supplier, having the option to call and consult with a live person is a sign that you aren't dealing with a one-person service provider and that you'll be able to reach somebody any time you're looking for help. The telephone support for web hosting services may range from standard to dedicated, thus the issues that can be resolved through a phone call differ depending on the particular provider. In the general case, these issues are more basic and include billing or 1st level tech issues as more complex issues generally need a support ticket where both you and the sysadmins can follow the proceedings with a given issue. Still, the option to phone call your service provider will save you lots of time and efforts for the numerous tiny problems which will eventually appear at the time you manage your hosting account.

Phone Support in Shared Website Hosting

If you choose to buy one of our shared website hosting, you can talk with our support crew over the telephone for 14 hrs every day. We will help you choose the best package for your sites since we believe that it is better to discuss this kind of issues with a live person. In case you already have an account, we will assist you with any kind of sales/billing questions as well as general matters, even with some tech problems that do not involve a long time or escalation to an administrator because it is better to open a support ticket for time-consuming issues and have all the correspondence in a single place. We now have phone numbers in the United States, Great Britain and Australia, so you're able to call the one you prefer and talk with our representatives.

Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you want more details regarding the semi-dedicated servers that we offer, you are able to call some of the three support lines that we have around the world - in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia. By doing this, you're able to check in advance if our solutions are appropriate for your sites. In case you're already our customer and you've got a semi-dedicated account, you'll be able to reach us on the phone for 14 hours a day about any billing or common matters. For strictly technical issues you'll be able to use our ticketing system in order to get in touch with our technical support as someissues just need longer time to be solved, but we can assist you on the phone with many minor technical problems as well, saving you efforts and time.